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'Help me do it by myself.' Maria Montessori

We are a private Montessori School with both a Preschool and an Elementary School in Katowice, Poland.

We aim for our children to develop a love of learning for life. Our goal is for pupils to become a community of joyful scholars who actively want to learn and do not see education as a chore. We strive to nurture the curiosity of each child and treat them as individuals.

We run a bilingual English/Polish programme for Polish children as well as a full-day English programme for international children. Children in the bilingual English/Polish programme cover the full Polish national curriculum. They are also fluent in English as they simultaneously follow the English international learning programme.

A distinctive feature of our school is that Polish and international children are taught together in the same groups rather than being taught separately. This enables the international children to gain first-hand experience of being with the native Polish children and learn something of their language. It also allows Polish children to have contact with children of different nationalities.

Our programme is taught through the internationally acclaimed Montessori Method. This ensures our children have an outstanding environment to develop in. They can learn at their own pace and follow a fully individualised learning track. We are the only private school to offer Montessori education together with a bilingual and international programme in the region of Silesia.

Each group is taught by two lead teachers: a native speaker teacher and a Polish teacher with a high level of English. We are unique in offering a native speaker teacher in every class.

Most of our children come from Polish families, although a number are from mixed international/Polish families and from international families.

English Montessori School is also a teacher training centre for the Polish Montessori Institute – the leading Montessori training provider in Poland. Teachers from the whole region come to our school to take weekend courses to qualify in the Montessori Method.

Our innovative programme provides a very special educational experience for the children who attend our school. We invite you to learn more about us through exploring this website and coming to visit our school.

‘So we found that education is not what the teacher gives: education is a natural process spontaneously carried out by the human individual. It is acquired not by listening to words but by experiences upon the environment… this is true for the preschool child as well as for the young people in primary and other schools.’
Maria Montessori