The admissions process

The aim of the admissions process is to find a good match between the child, their family and the school. This involves both parents (or legal guardians) learning about the school and the Montessori method as well as the school learning about the child and their family.

The admissions process involves the following steps:

1. Attendance of both parents at an open house meeting – this involves a 30 minute presentation about the school, an introduction to the Montessori method and materials as well as a tour.
2. An observation of the Montessori class by both parents for 30-40 minutes followed up by a feedback meeting with the Education Director.
3. A trial week at the school for the child where both the parents and teachers have the opportunity to see how the child responds to the Montessori environment.

Upon acceptance you have two weeks in which you need to decide if you wish to take up the offer of a place.

We aim to have an equal balance of age groups and genders in our classes. We also aim to keep as high a proportion as possible of children who have been in a Montessori educational learning environment from the recommended age of three years old.

For our international programme we aim to enroll children from international families, children who have previously attended English speaking or international schools in other countries and Polish children who are fluent in English.

Parents are asked to attend the open house meeting without their child. Please call the school in order to reserve a seat for an open house meeting.