Parent testimonials

‘Our son Nagesh joined an English Montessori preschool group in October 2013. I am not exaggerating if I say that what followed was a miracle.

Having been to a traditional school for the first three years in India, we were concerned about how he will adapt to the Montessori method. The Montessori method itself and the amazing teachers of English Montessori Preschool put my doubts to rest.

As weeks and months passed by I could see clarity in his thoughts – he solved a tricky puzzle applying the logic of the properties of light, had intelligent questions about the universe, he was calm to negotiate and make his point and not throw tantrums. The best was when he asked me if he hurt me when he was in my tummy as there was not so much space there for a whole child.

If a six year old can show that he cares, make his point amicably, and use his learning to find logical answers, what more do I need as a parent. I just wish I had found English Montessori Preschool three years ago!’

The Datta family from India – 1 child in the preschool programme.

‘We are so happy our children are in this school. They learn a lot, the teachers are great and when I am there to pick my boys up to take them home, they don’t want to come home with me. They want to stay in the school and that is a great feeling.

The children are learning a lot, they are enjoying school and they trust the teachers. Our oldest one was not good in playing by himself, but now he improved a lot.

The Montessori method is so good for each child, because they can develop their own interests the best this way.

We are also very positive about the communication between the school and parents.

And last but not least; the children are learning and enjoying the trips the school organizes, a lot.

Great school!’

The Bontje family from Holland – 2 children in the preschool programme.

‘Ever since the first week of school when our 3 year old daughter learned how to put her coat on by herself, her desire and confidence to complete additional tasks has only grown. The amount of pride that she takes in completing tasks and the excitement that she has about learning constantly reaffirms our decision to enroll her at English Montessori Preschool. The foundation that the Montessori method and teaching staff have allowed her to build at such an early age will no doubt give her a strong base to continue to grow from and we will forever be grateful for this.’

The Bellows Family from the United States - 1 child in the preschool programme.